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Video, The Best Investment For Your Growing Business

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

While network and print advertising were once the most widely used strategies, modern marketing tactics are more heavily dependent on digital platforms. Email, social media, and content strategy are taking center stage as businesses attempt to form connections with their customers. However, out of all digital marketing endeavors, video marketing, in particular, has provided substantial growth to many businesses.

Video advertisements and commercials are being incorporated in websites, blogs, YouTube, and social media. Customer conversions have sky-rocketed for businesses largely in part due to the effective execution of video marketing strategies.

What’s All The Hype About Video Marketing?

According to research, viewers retain up to 90% of the conveyed message when the content is presented as a video, as opposed to reading textual content where retention is only 10%. While that number is shocking, so are the 75 million people in the U.S. who watch online videos every day.

People are more receptive to what you show in a video, whether that be the services offered, information about a product, or its usefulness in their lives. Since videos can easily grab attention and are far more fascinating than a string of written text, customers are more likely to click through on a call to action.

Over 81% of businesses are using video for their marketing. By using personalized storytelling tactics and professionally produced video content, your business can catch people's attention and hold it while they're entertained.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider employing this strategy.

Video Increases User Engagement

Videos are easier for users to absorb and recall information portrayed in them.

If you seriously want to kick-up user engagement, adding different types of videos to your website is the way to go. When your business sends an email campaign, each email is tailored to the user. This is also the case with video content.

Forbes released an article in which data showed that owned pages containing videos make viewers stay on the page longer, increasing the retention time by 88% compared to pages without videos. We always encourage business owners to implement video strategies on all digital platforms for the best results.

Search Engine Optimization

Results of a search engine are presented based on their rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The rank is determined by the relevancy of the result to the search. The higher you rank, the more visible you are to people and by 2021, 80% of all traffic will consist of video.

Search engines scan through the elements of a video and identify things like keywords, titles, descriptions, attractive thumbnails, etc. Optimization of these will help you rank higher provided they are pertinent to the search.

Return On Investment (ROI)

No business venture is successful without investments. While some investments can go downhill, the correct marketing strategy will see an influx in sales. Fortunately, an investment in video content is one such initiative that you will not regret.

The reason? Businesses see a dramatic return on investment when implementing video content, as confirmed by 83% of companies. As companies analyze their conversions, leads, and sales, it is no wonder that 90% of consumers claim a video helped make a purchasing decision.

It may not be the cheapest endeavor, but the profit from the video content, in the long run, is worth the expense. High-quality video content is extremely valuable to a business. With modern advancements in technology and more trained professional production companies, it is easier to create network level commercials for less.

High Conversion Rates

One of the most notable advantages of using video marketing is that it can immediately increase your sales. Videos keep potential clients on an owned page longer and give them time to look around your companies site. When people are engaged visually, a business is more likely to win over these potential customers.

It has been seen that conversion rates rose by 80% with the use of videos and similar advertisement content on web pages of brands and companies. A similar effect was seen on sales as well – out of all the potential customers that watched videos about a certain product, 74% of them proceeded to purchase it. However, it is important that video content is taken seriously, as 62% of customers have a negative perception of a brand that creates a poor-quality video.

To get the most value from the content your videos must be high-quality, easy to understand, form a personal connection, and be informative at the same time. In short, the content should appeal to your target audience and keep them hooked on the video.

Increased Engagement Through Social Shares

Social media has moved to the forefront of most business marketing endeavors. It is a popular method because social platforms allow you to reach a huge number of people in a specific targeted demographic. This is why your business must also create videos that are extra-shareable!

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and similar platforms, not only can your business connect with your audience through commercial content, but also personalized content. We encourage business owners to make their videos engaging, fun, and educational while creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Using stories to build a personal report with your followers will result in repeat sales. This not only captivates your audience but also motivates them to share your video content with friends and family! Since most social media sites support content-sharing, you can certainly enjoy the increased publicity without having to spend a penny on it. To take it a step further, make sure that your videos (outside of social media) have social share buttons so that they can be easily shared across these apps.

Outshine Your Competitors With Superior Video Content

Get over your fear of video marketing! Pulling off a successful video marketing strategy is easier than ever. Many businesses hesitate to incorporate video and commercials into their marketing strategy by overthinking the initial cost. The numbers don't lie, well-produced content, made by a professional team, will customers.

You are creating more funnels to drive traffic and building your brand identity. A business's message can be made or broken with video and that's the difference between paying a professional and winging it with your iPhone. Customers consume video at an unprecedented rate and in many cases, video content and commercials are where a potential customer will become aware of your brand.

Ready To Dive Into Video Marketing?

Marketing expert Torrey Tayenaka once said, “Time is now to include video in your own digital marketing strategy. Or else, you could risk getting left behind by your competition.” and we couldn’t agree more.

Professionally developed video content is a guaranteed ticket for beating competitors who are afraid to invest in this marketing strategy. You will be converting, generating leads, and increasing sales much faster than with traditional advertising.

Overcome the fears of expanding this marketing channel as the proof is in the high ROI rates and other advantages video marketing brings to a brand. All in all, video the kingpin of the digital marketing arena. It's not a question of should you start video marketing but how do we start now? For more questions or a free consultation please feel free to reach out!


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